Below are some of our frequently asked questions, if you have not found your answer here, please contact us directly.

Can I enter if the product is only available online?

Yes. As long as the product is purchasable by the general public whether that be direct via your website or a third party website you are eligible.

Does the entry fee cover a product range?

No, Each entry is a separate fee.

Can I enter the same product across multiple categories?

No, You can enter as many products as you like but each individual product can only be entered into one category.

What if I have multiple flavours?

Each entry must be of one specific flavour but if you wished you can entered each flavour in the range separately.

Is there a limit on how many products I can enter?

No, there is no limit on the amount of products you can enter.

Why are you no longer having a consumer judging?

It is felt that an expert judging panel can provide a more rigorous judging of your product and will not be bias in any of the set criteria. Each product will be subjected to a 10-point testing, the results of which will be sent in your product report.

Who will be judging the products?

We have a variety of industry-leading experts on each panel. A list of them are available on our website.

On what criteria are products judged?

Each product will be judged on a 10-point criteria. A list of the criteria can be found on our judging page.

How many products do we need to supply for judging?

The supply of products will be on a case by case basis depending on what your product is. However, as an example, we will need at least 4 products – one to show in the packaging, one out of the packaging, one to be tested and one for contingency.

How long will we have to send in our products?

If you have submitted a food or drink product you will have approximately 5 weeks to arrange for your products to be sent to the delivery address. Non food will have approximately two weeks.

When is the date to deliver by and the address to deliver to?

Food and drink products -  The delivery address will be emailed directly to you following receipt of your entry.

Non-food products - The date to deliver products is Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th June. The delivery address will be emailed directly to you following receipt of your entry.

Can I deliver at a different time than specified?

We limit delivery to one day, the date of which is listed above. In exceptional circumstances we can look at alternative pre agreed arrangements, but this may need to be to a different address. Please contact the event manager listed on the Contact Us page.

How are you judging non-food products?

Each non-food product will be sent to a small panel of judges’ to be tested within their own homes over the course of a week. There will be a set 10-point criteria for them to critique against, the results of which will be presented and discussed on the judging day in July.

When will the shortlist be announced?

We plan to announce the shortlist one week after the judging has taken place, approximately 12th August 2022. You can find this on our website and an email will be sent to notify entrants when it is live.

Will I receive a report and when should I expect to see it?

All entered and judged products will receive a dedicated report which will be sent out no later than one month after the Awards ceremony on 16th November.

Will I receive a logo?

All finalists, highly commended and winning products will receive a logo in jpeg format. Finalist logos will be sent following the shortlist announcement. Winners and highly commended logos will be sent following the awards ceremony.

Will I receive a certificate and/or trophy?

All winners will receive a trophy which will be given out on the day of the awards lunch in person. All Highly Commended products and finalist products will receive a certificate that will be sent in the post to arriving the day after the awards lunch.

When are winners going to be announced?

The Awards lunch will be held on Tuesday 15th November 2022 at the Hilton Bankside, London. Tickets for the event can be purchased here.

I’ve entered my product, what now?

Thank you for your entry. We will be in touch in June, post entry deadline, with the delivery information.