Guest Questions


How many products do we need to supply for judging?
The supply of products will be on a case by case basis depending on what your product is. However, as an example, we will need at least 4 products – one to show in the packaging, one out of the packaging, one to be tested and one for contingency.


Why are you no longer having a consumer judging?
Due to the current situation, we feel we cannot run this in a safe environment for all participants. Therefore, the expert judging will be done on a more rigorous 10-point criteria, the results of which will be sent in your product report.


How long will we have to send in our products?
You will have approximately one month to send your products to the delivery address


When is the date to deliver by and the address to deliver to?
The date to deliver is Tuesday 13 th October between 9.30 am and 3.30 pm.

The delivery address will be emailed directly to you


How are you judging non-food products?
We will be sending them to two judges’ homes to be tested for a week. A set of questions will be given to them to answer for the week. Then this will be discussed on the judging day with the rest of the judges on that panel.


Who will be judging the products?
We will have a variety of industry-leading experts on each panel. A list of them are available on our website.


Can I deliver at a different time than specified?
It would be much easier for us if you could deliver on the date specified, however, if there is an issue regarding this, please contact us and we will look at each case independently.


Will the digital event be free to view?
Yes, you can watch on our website www.thegrocernewproductawards.co.uk. You will need to register online prior to viewing.


Will I still receive a report and when?
Yes, your report will be sent out to you approx. a month after the event.


Will there be a finalist list?
Yes, the finalist list will be on the website.

When will the finalist be out?
Approximately one week after judging, the week commencing 19 th October 2020.


Will I receive a logo?
If you are a finalist, highly commended or winner you will receive a logo to add to your product or for use in your marketing.


Will I receive a certificate and/or trophy?
Yes, all certificates and trophies will be sent out after the awards.


Why are you having a digital award ceremony?
This award ceremony is time sensitive due to the products entered coming into the market at a specific time. In order to make sure the entrants get the best chance to promote their success in the awards, we felt it was best to go ahead at this time whilst also considering the current climate for events. This way we can also maintain the awards as a leader in the industry and support branded new products into the market.


How will the products be judged on a scale?
These will be 10-point criteria which is available to view on our website.


When is the awards?
The awards will be held on Wednesday 11th November 2020 at 3 pm.


Where will it be hosted?
It will be hosted on our website. All who register to watch will receive a link to the awards beforehand to be able to view.


How will I find the link?
Once you’ve registered, a link will be sent to you for the awards via email together with a calendar invite for the time of the awards.


What will be the process for 2021?
The 2021 event will follow the same process as the previous years.


Do I need to do anything?
No, we will do everything for you and contact you when we need you to send in your products.

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