Finalists 2021

Congratulations to all of our finalists!

Alcoholic Drinks

  • 1881 Tiffin Gin
  • Admiral's Old J Pineapple Spiced Rum
  • BLOOM Passionfruit & Vanilla Blossom Gin
  • High Water Hard Seltzer Cucumber and Mint
  • OPIHR Gin & Tonic with a Twist of Orange
  • Ruddy Fine Lockdown Gin

Baby & Infant Food

  • Kendamil Classic Follow-on Milk
  • Kendamil Goat Follow-on Milk
  • Kendamil Organic Follow-on Milk
  • Organix Veggie Mini Mix Ups
  • Piccolo Stir-in Pasta Sauce Classic Tomato

Bread & Baked Goods

  • Jason's Sourdough The Great White
  • Jason's Sourdough Olive & Basil
  • Modern Baker Superloaf
  • Old El Paso Tortilla Pockets™
  • SlooOW Stone Oven Baguette White

Cakes & Biscuits

  • Baker Street Stollen
  • Cadbury Nuttier Cranberry, Almond & Peanut
  • Jammie Dodgers Muffins
  • Maryland Cookies It’s Mint To Be
  • Mr Kipling 8 After Dinner Chocolate & Orange Fancies
  • Mr Kipling Signature Deluxe Millionaire Whirls
  • TGI Fridays Chocolate Rocky Road
  • Thomas Fudge’s 8 Sicilian Lemon & White Chocolate Florentines

Cereal & Breakfast

  • Bio&Me Apple & Cinnamon Gut-Loving Prebiotic Porridge
  • Oreo O's Cereal
  • Quaker Ultimate Hearty & Rich Porridge Oats
  • Weetabix Chocolate Melts


  • Alfresco Greek Baking Feta with Lemon, Herb & Chilli Oil
  • Galbani Mozzarella di Latte di Bufala Maxi
  • Président A La Carte Crispy Bakes with Brie
  • The Laughing Cow Blends Chickpea & Cheese Spread with Herb

Chocolate & Toffee Confectionery

  • Buttermilk Plant-Powered Caramel Nougat
  • Ferrero Rocher Bar Milk Chocolate Original
  • Forest of Hope Chocolate Surprise Egg
  • Pip & Nut Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
  • Poppets Mix-Ups


  • Belazu Tomato and Balsamic ketchup
  • Heinz [Seriously] Good Vegan Mayo Garlic Aioli
  • Heinz [Seriously] Good Vegan Mayo
  • Heinz Vegan Salad Cream
  • Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo Garlic
  • OSU Apple Cider Vinegar with Blueberry & Pomegranate Juice

Cooking Sauces & Marinades

  • Aagrah Tarka Lahsen Sauce
  • Belazu Urfa Chilli Paste
  • The Spice Tailor Tikka Masala Paste
  • U:ME Spice Shots Japanese Style


  • McCoy’s Fire Pit Flame Roasted Peri Peri
  • McCoy’s Fire Pit Flame Smoked Chorizo
  • Quavers Prawn Cocktail
  • Simply Roasted Sea Salt
  • Walkers MAX Kentucky Fried Chicken


  • Alpro My Cuppa
  • Buttermilk Plant-Powered Hot Choccy Bombe
  • LilK The Common Blend
  • Minor Figures Matcha Latte Green Tea & Oat M*lk
  • The Collective Raspberry Plant Greek Style Yoghurt


  • Alpro Double Chocolate Mousse with Almond
  • Charlie Bigham's Lemon Drizzle Pudding
  • Gü Inspirations 2 Chocolate & Honeycomb Desserts
  • Gü Inspirations 2 Cookies & Cream Desserts
  • Gü Mousses 2 Milk Chocolate with Caramelised Biscuit
  • Nomma Italian Indulgent Caramel Cappuccino
  • unearthed 6 Pastel de Nata

Energy Drinks

  • Monster Juiced Monarch
  • Monster Mule Ginger Brew
  • Purdey's Natural Energy Refocus Dark Fruits
  • Virtue Clean Energy – Berries

Fresh Food

  • Driscoll’s® Victoria ™ Sweet Blackberries
  • Florette Rainbow Crunchy
  • Holy Moly Tomato & Mango Salsa

Frozen Foods

  • Birds Eye Chicken Shop 2 Ultimate Fillet Burgers
  • Birds Eye Chunky Crispy Batter 6 Fish Fingers
  • Quorn Roarsomes
  • Whitby Seafoods Battered Scampi
  • Whitby Seafoods Southern Fried 100% Fish Fillet Strips
  • Zizzi Rustica Pizza Piccante Pepperoni

Gluten Free

  • Bliss Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Whip Bars
  • Nairn's Dark Chocolate & Mint Chunky Oat Biscuit Breaks
  • Nairn's Apple & Cinnamon Oats Your Way

Home Baking

  • Dr. Oetker Spectacular Science Squashable Jelly Bubbles Cupcake Mix
  • Renshaw Silver Shimmer Icing Kit
  • Renshaw Luxury Bakers' Caramel

Hot Drinks

  • Greenypeeps Calming Bedtime Tea
  • PG tips Biodegradable Plant Based Pyramid Teabags with Wrapless boxes
  • Rombouts Original Home Compostable One Cup Filter Brew Coffee

Household Products inc Laundry

  • Caltra Original Antibacterial Soap Dish with Caltra Moisturising Soap
  • Eco Green Living Bio Food Wrap 100% Biodegradable & Compostable
  • Spunj The Ultra Summery Pad
  • Vamoosh Washing Machine Cleaner

Ice Creams & Lollies

  • Barratt Cola Bottles Ice Lollies
  • Barratt Bananas Ice Lollies
  • Barratt Sherbet Fountain Ice Lollies
  • BEAR Mango Fruit Lollies
  • Ben & Jerry’s Peace Pop
  • Häagen-Dazs Piña Colada Ice Cream

Infant Care

  • Nimble Nappy Lover Cloth Nappy Detergent
  • Pura. Flushable Baby Wipes

Kitchen Cupboard & Canned Goods

  • Cape Herb & Spice Rub Caribbean Jerk Seasoning
  • La Espanola Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray
  • Mallow & Marsh Salted Caramel Marshmallow Whip
  • Pip & Nut The Ultimate Deep Roast Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter
  • Princes Fruit Pots Peach in Juice
  • Princes Plant Based Vegetable Green Thai Curry
  • Veetee Basmati Rice Box
  • Veetee Sticky Rice Pots

Meat, Fish & Poultry

  • HECK Seasoned Mince Simply Chicken
  • Najma Spicy Breaded Chicken Fillets
  • Properoni Original

Milk Drinks

  • Biotiful Dairy Kefir Shot
  • Cocio Orange Chocolate Milk
  • Costa Coffee Flat White
  • Costa Coffee Vanilla Latte
  • Weetabix On The Go Caffe Latte Breakfast Drink

Personal Care

  • All Over Softly Pillow Spray
  • INEOS Sterile Sanitiser for Hands
  • Faith In Nature Shampoo Bar Shea & Argan
  • Kleenex® Proactive Care™ Hygiene Mask
  • Kleenex® Proactive Care™ Hygienic Hand Towels®

Potatoes & Chips

  • Aviko Super Crunch Julienne Fries
  • Gressingham Duck Fat Chunky Chips
  • Mash Direct Curry Chips
  • Strong Roots Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries
  • Worth Family Farms Braising Potatoes

Ready Meals & Centres

  • Charlie Bigham's Butter Chicken Curry & Pilau Rice
  • Charlie Bigham's Chicken & Ham Gratin
  • Charlie Bigham's Smoked Haddock Gratin
  • Charlie Bigham's Stir-Fry Chicken Pad Thai
  • Charlie Bigham's Vegetarian Cottage Pie with Sweet Potato Mash
  • Nomma Italian Passionately Plant-Based Pumpkin & Sage Creamy Ravioli
  • Pukka Chicken & Bacon Pie
  • Pukka Just For Two Steak & Red Wine Pie


  • Hullabaloo - Caramelly
  • Minor Figures Semi Oat M*lk
  • Sharwood's Stir Fry Sauce 30% Less Sugar - Sweet Chilli & Garlic

Savoury Snacks & On-The-Go

  • Belazu Luxury Truffle & Pecorino Nut Mix
  • BEPPS Popped Barbeque Flavour
  • Marmite Graze Crunch
  • Marmite Houmous
  • Smokin’ Peperami Chicken Bites
  • Rustlers Cook in Box The Supreme Cheese Melt Burger
  • Ginsters Smoky Steak & Guinness® Slice

Smoothies & Fruit Juices

  • MOJU Prebiotic 8+ Shots Dosing Bottle
  • MOJU Vitamin D Shot
  • SO PERF Raw Coconut Water

Soft Drinks & Mixers

  • Aqua Libra Sparkling Water infused with Raspberry & Blackcurrant
  • Belvoir Farm Non-Alcoholic Passionfruit Martini
  • Caleño Dark & Spicy Tropical Non-Alcoholic Spirit
  • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar
  • Heartsease Farm Sparkling Traditional Lemonade
  • Lo Bros Organic Kombucha Peach & Ginger
  • Ribena Sparkling Blackcurrant
  • Vimto Real Fruit Squash - Blackberry, Raspberry & Blueberry


  • Glorious! Super Red Thai Vegetable Soup
  • RE:NOURISH + HEARTY Mexican Bean Chilli Soup
  • RE:NOURISH + UPLIFT Red Thai Noodle Soup
  • Yorkshire Provender Smoky Sausage & Three Bean Soup

Sweet Confectionery

  • Bebeto Pick & Mix Party Pack
  • HARIBO Fruitifest
  • HARIBO Jelly Babies
  • HARIBO Sour Sparks
  • HARIBO Starmix
  • Milliways Mighty Mint Super Natural Gum

Sweet Snacks

  • Bliss White Chocolate & Raspberry Flavour Whip Bars
  • Creative Nature Gnawbles Cheeky Choc HazelNOT
  • KIND Dark Chocolate Orange Almond
  • PROPER Chocolate Popcorn Bar Salted Caramel
  • Urban Fruit Strength Blended Fruit Bites

Vegan/Plant Based Burgers

  • Chicago Town Vegan Deep Dish 2 Cheeezeburger Pizzas
  • Future Farm Future Burger Version 2030
  • Richmond 2 Meat-Free No Beef Burgers
  • Strong Roots The Kale & Quinoa
  • Strong Roots The Pumpkin & Spinach

Vegan/Plant Based Chocolate, Snacks & Puddings

  • BOSH! Luscious Lemon Cake
  • Naughty Vegan 2 Caramel Crunch Cheezcakes
  • Naughty Vegan 2 Cheeky Chocolate Cheezcakes
  • DIRTY COW Plant Based Chocolate Salty Susan
  • Kallo Veggie Cakes Beetroot & Balsamic

Vegan/Plant Based Dairy Alternatives

  • Crackd The No-Egg Egg
  • Nurishh Plant Based Alternative to Camembert
  • Violife Smoky Cheddar Flavour Slices

Vegan/Plant Based Drinks

  • Bodyhero Plant Protein Rich Chocolate
  • Galaxy Vegan Instant Drink
  • Horlicks Vegan Malted Drink

Vegan/Plant Based Kitchen Cupboard

  • Merchant Gourmet Spicy Cajun-Style Lentils & Red Kidney Beans
  • Plot9 Thai-Style Chickpea Curry
  • The Vurger Co. Spicy Cheezy Vegan Sauce

Vegan/Plant Based Party Food

  • Naughty Vegan 2 Cheezy Pasties
  • Naughty Vegan 4 No Piggy In The Middle Rolls
  • Itsu Teriyaki Chick'n Vegan Gyoza
  • THIS™ Isn't Pork Plant-Based Cocktail Sausages

Vegan/Plant Based Ready Meals & Centres

  • HECK Vegan Mince
  • Moving Mountains Plant-Based Fingers Fish Flavoured
  • Finnebrogue Naked Without the Cluck 2 No Chicken Kievs
  • Pukka Vegan Chicken & Mushroom Pie
  • Pukka Vegan Minced Steak & Onion Pie
  • Soulful X THIS Meal Kit For 2 - Tikka
  • Squeaky Bean Vegan Chargrilled Cajun Mini Fillets
  • The Happy Pear Sourdough Spicy Veg Pizza


  • Bio&Me Mango Gut-Loving Prebiotic Yoghurt
  • Biotiful Dairy Kefir Yogurt Raspberry & Pomegranate
  • Graham's Gold Top Luxury Yogurt - Strawberry
  • Onken Super Kefir Strawberry Pomegranate Cultured Yogurt