The Grocer New Product Awards 2020 Winners & Highly Commended

Adult Drinks – Alcoholic

Winner - Spirited Union Queen Pineapple & Spice, Spirited Union Distillery

Highly Commended - Henry Westons Cloudy Vintage, Westons Cider

Adult Drinks - Non-Alcoholic

Winner - Caleno Juniper & Inca Berry Non-Alcoholic Spirit, Caleno Drinks

Highly Commended - Lowlander 0.00% White Ale, Lowlander Botanical Beers

Baby/infant food

Winner - Biotiful Dairy Kids Kefir Slurpy Strawberry, Biotiful Dairy

Highly Commended - BEAR paws - Mango & Carrot, BEAR

Bagged Snacks

Winner - Kettle Chips Vegan Sheese and Red Onion, Kettle Foods

Highly Commended - Two Farmers Lightly Salted hand-cooked crisps, Two Farmers

Bread & Baked Goods

Winner - Jason's Ciabattin White, Gearys Bakery

Highly Commended - Jasons Ancient Grains and Seeds Ciabattin, Gearys Bakery

Cakes & Biscuits

Winner - Maltesers Biscuits, Mars

Highly Commended - OGGS Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes, Alternative Foods London (OGGS)

Cereal & Breakfast

Winner - Fibreful Oatbran Porridge, Morning Foods

Highly Commended - GoodBelly Oat Flakes with Blueberry & Banana pieces, Cereal Partners UK


Winner - Galbani Italian Burrata, Lactalis UK & Ireland

Highly Commended - Lye Cross Farm Certified 100% Grass-Fed Organic Mature Cheddar, Alvis Brothers


Winner - Bonds of London Pun Boxes - You're one in a Melon, IB Group

Highly Commended - Buttermilk Salted Caramel Cups, Buttermilk

Cooking Sauces & Condiments

Winner - Big Tom Spiced Tomato Ketchup, James White Drinks

Highly Commended - Geeta's Premium Mango Chutney, Geeta's Foods

Highly Commended - itsu miso mushroom brilliant'broth, itsu [grocery]


Winner - Minor Figures Chai Latte Spiced Tea & Oat Milk, Minor Figures

Highly Commended - Applewood® Vegan Slices, Norseland


Winner - Charlie Bigham's Proper Puds: Bread and Butter Pudding, Charlie Bigham’s

Highly Commended - Charlie Bigham's Proper Puds: Sticky Toffee Pudding, Charlie Bigham’s


Winner - Chicago Town Tiger Crust Cheese Medley, Dr. Oetker

Highly Commended - itsu hoisin duck bao'buns, itsu [grocery]

Home Baking

Winner - Creative Nature Top 14 Allergen-Free Baking Mix - Chocolate Cake, Creative Nature

Highly Commended - Cadbury Home Baking Kits, Premier Foods

Hot Drinks

Winner - Dualit Aluminium Coffee Capsules - Lungo Americano, Dualit

Household Products including Laundry

Winner -Ecoegg Laundry Egg, Ecoegg

Highly Commended - Surf Coconut Bliss, Unilever UK

Ice Cream

Winner - Haagen-Dazs 150 Calorie Gelato Caramel Swirl, General Mills

Highly Commended - Oppo Salted Caramel Low-Calorie Ice Cream Sticks, Oppo Brothers

Kitchen Cupboard

Winner - Belazu Tahini, Belazu

Highly Commended - Bisto Seasoning Mixes - Chilli Con Carne, Premier Foods

Highly Commended - Princes Mackerel Sizzle – Smokey Chilli & Tomato, Princes

Meal Accompaniments

Winner - Rainbow Mini Waffles, Birds Eye

Highly Commended - Cauliflower Hash Browns, Strong Roots

Meat & Fish

Winner - Whitby Seafoods Jumbo Scampi – Chilled, Whitby Seafoods

Highly Commended - BigFish Signature Oak Smoked Salmon, JCS Fish

Milk Drinks

Winner - Lactofree Semi-Skimmed Organic Milk Drink, Arla Foods

Highly Commended - Barista Coffee Co, Caffe Latte, FrieslandCampina

Personal Use

Winner - Ambience Apothecary Muscle Balm, Eos Scientific

Highly Commended - Westlab Mindful Bathing Salts, Westlab

Pet Food & Treats

Winner - Scrumbles Gnashers Daily Dental Treats, Scrumbles

Highly Commended - Lily's Kitchen The Best Ever Beef Mini Burgers, Lily's Kitchen

Ready Meals

Winner - Saffron Tree Gosht ka Salan, Proper Indian Food/Saffron Tree

Highly Commended - Mindful Chef Panang Chicken Curry with Black Rice, Mindful Chef

Reduced Sugar

Winner - Nairn's Chunky Biscuit Breaks - Oats, Apple and Cinnamon, Nairn's

Highly Commended - Lizi's Low Sugar Maple & Pecan Granola, Lizi's

Smoothies & Fruit Juices

Winner - innocent plus - bolt from the blue, innocent drinks

Highly Commended - Moju Ginger Dosing Bottle, Moju

Soft Drinks & Mixers

Winner - Sister's Infused Soda Guava & Lime, Franklin & Sons

Highly Commended - Radnor Infusions Lemon & Mint, Radnor Hills

Soup, Rice & Noodles

Winner - John West Steam Pots – Biriyani, John West

Highly Commended - Mr Lee's Noodles Coconut Chicken Laksa, Mr Lee's Pure Foods Co.

Sport Bars & Snacks

Winner - Flipz - Milk Chocolate, Pladis

Highly Commended - Pea Pops - Smokey BBQ, UF International

Vegetarian/Vegan – Savoury

Winner - Richmond Meat-Free Sausages, Kerry Foods

Highly Commended - Chicago Town Tomato Stuffed Crust Takeaway Sticky BBQ Jackfruit Saucy Vegan, Dr. Oetker

Vegetarian/Vegan – Sweet

Winner - Squeaky Bean Fluffy American-Style Pancakes, Winterbotham Darby

Highly Commended - Gu Puds Free-From Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecakes, Gu Puds

Highly Commended - YAAR Creamy Vanilla Quark Bar, YAAR Bar